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Your new drinking game for a fun night with your friends!

29,99€ incl. shipping costs
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You want to experience an unforgettable, enjoyable drinking evening?
Then the game “Trunkenbold” is exactly the right thing!

Trunkenbold can be flexibly rolled up and transported.

The tearproof material only needs to be wiped off at the end and the game is clean!

Details of Trunkenbold:

  • play mat 55cm x 55cm x 0,5 cm (width x depth x height) 
  • Weight 500 g
  • material: Plastic PVC mat, tinplate crown cork, wooden cube
  • caps as figures

Trunkenbold is the German term for Drunkard (a drunk person).

The game is developed and fully Made in Germany. Brought to you by the Spanish Team Academy in Barcelona teamlabs.


In the Box


play mat

fireproof, tearproof, waterproof (B1 certified – hardly inflammable according to DIN 4102)


Game instructions




material: wood


6 figures

caps in different colors


"Great for a warm-up, if you want to party afterwards."

Nerea (20) | Barcelona

"Awesome game. It's a real turn-on."

Alejandro (24) | Madrid


About us

We are a young student team and have made it our goal to give you a fun and pleasant evening!

Have a good time!

Ronny and Gerrit


The game is suitable from the age of 18.